About Us

Nice to meet you! My name is James, and I make Horween Leather watch straps and other quality leather goods. I am currently located in Arlington, Virginia. Threaded Leather Company was founded during the summer of 2015 in my college apartment.

Threaded is my pride and joy. It all started with the desire to add variety and class to my watch collection without spending too much money. My first automatic watch was the Seiko SKX007. I fell in love with the watch immediately, but the standard canvas and stainless steel bands from watch manufacturers were not cutting it for me. After tracking down a local leather store, I bought some cheap scrap leather to make myself a leather watch strap. A few weeks later, after many mistakes were made and the ideal leather was identified, I was able to make an exceptional watch band out of the famous Horween Leather. Satisfied with my craftsmanship and obsessed with the quality of leather that Horween provides, I quickly became determined to deliver quality watch straps to the world. It's my hope that you have a positive experience with my company. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or inquiries:


Email works best, but feel free to leave me a message at: 703-946-7559